The Pilgrims Rest Inn seen from Ironmonger Row, with Palmer Lane at the left. The original Pilgrims Rest was s house built in the 1300s and belonging to the Benedictine monastery. After it was demolished this was built on the same site. A plaque over the door mentions the building’s history. This building was demolished in 1936.
Above: The plaque over the door.
Below: Looking along Palmer Lane with the plaque in the top right of the picture.img_20150704_185232
Above: The blue circle marks the inn’s location on this hand drawn map.
Below: (Updated picture) On this aerial shot in the present day, I have marked in red some of the old street locations with the blue circle marking where the Pilgrims Rest was behind the Burges House Study Inn.



Above: The front of Study Inn.
Below: The side of Study Inn on Cross Cheaping. From the kerb looking diagonally to the right side of Contract Options/left side of Blue Arrow is the approximate location, uncovered by buildings, of some of the original Ironmonger Row. (Not the present day “ironmonger row” of which the road part is on the site of where Little Butcher Row was).