img_20160328_000245_20161024121336382 The City Arcade in some period after the WW2 bombing of Smithford Street, at the left side of the arcade is the temporary Woolworth building.

img_20161027_125658 Seen from further back in Broadgate, the badly bombed Smithford Street with the City Arcade in the centre distance.

world-war-two-air-raids-coventry-14th-october-1940-cleaning-up-the-erjhp9-1 Inside: All the arcade’s shop fronts were damaged. The first one along this side, Salisbury’s, then Winter’s Store.

workers-seen-here-clearing-up-in-coventry-following-the-air-raid-of-emwr41-1-1 The next one along is the inside entrance to Woolworth’s. The bomb damage seems to have uncovered part of an old Woolworth sign beneath the then current one.

workers-seen-here-clearing-up-in-coventry-following-the-air-raid-of-emwfbj-1 More damage on the other side of the arcade. Outside, across the road in  Smithford Street is the Currys shop.

Seen here in possibly the early 1950s, Broadgate House built across the top of Smithford Street and the City Arcade still there.

img_20161127_123902Above: The approximate modern day location of the City Arcade.

img_20161024_013722 The fronts of the Three shop and the left section of BHS is the roughly the location of where the City Arcade’s front was.

Above & Below: In the arcade, towards the rear entrance onto Barracks Market.


img_20161027_151021 This is the rear of the City Arcade, opening onto the the Barracks Market area. The rear of the arcade in the present day would be roughly at the centre of the Coventry Point office blocks building in Market Way.

The centre distance of this photo is the approximate modern location of the City Arcade rear